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What an adventuresome week.  On Monday my eyes were a bit sore, which is something that happens from time to time because I'm prone to dry-eye and since my eyes don't fully close at night all sorts of bad things can happen.  When the pain still persisted longer than what I felt was normal, I made an appointment with the eye doctor and got in within an hour.  That was yesterday.

The doctor announced that I had a massive infection and it has caused 2 ulcers to form on my right eye.  I was given antibiotics eye drops to put in once per hour and a followup appointment.

At today's followup appointment, he said that the smaller ulcer had healed but the larger one will take a while and it could even possibly leave permanent scarring on my right eye.

Normally he would have a patient come in every day for a followup but since I have no health insurance at the moment he said he would schedule one followup for next week as long as I promised to keep taking the antibiotics and use eye-gel every hour for the next week, plus long lasting gel for nights and some other anti-sceptic cleaner every morning.  Add to that he let me know about goggles I could wear at night that would help keep the moisture in.  I asked if there was such a thing many years ago but all the doctors acted like I was nuts and I am rather pissed off about it now.

He let me know that my eyes get any worse, he could and would have my drivers license revoked and I would be very much screwed.  I really don't have anyone here who could help me if things went bad.  Maybe he just said it to scare me.  It worked.  I'm scared shitless. 

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