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Daniel and the Technicolor Blog Post

Many moon ago, before there was a, there was  Like its successor, it was a blogging site, but there was no ability to add images of any kind.  There was no gallery either.  It was 100% text in Courier New font.  Not even the Amish could make a plainer looking site, but that was the whole idea.  I created the site for Laura's birthday and made it as simple as possible to use.  I think this was all before the word "blog" even existed.  It was just an online journal where she could share her thoughts and ideas.  Later on, I added my own words to it.

Laura is now long gone and she took all her words with her but I decided to give it a new name and a new face. was born.  The name was my sister Jen's idea and I unashamedly stole it from her while she wasn't paying attention.  Big brothers do stuff like that all the time.

TechnicolorFor the longest time blogs and pictures had kept their distance, but lately I have been adding a lot more photos directly to my own posts without actually putting any in my gallery.  I guess it is because I have decided that galleries aren't enough.  They don't tell a story.  Instead of filling page after page with mostly boring photos and a few good ones, I think it's a lot more exciting to just post the best and give them further depth with words about their origin.

To go even further, I'm not afraid to go back to previously written posts and add even more words and pictures to them.  Words are like people and need room to grow and time to blossom.

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