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I saw a Sasquatch on the Cat Peaks Pass trail

It's not really fair to use the name of this trail as a title since it was a mere 0.3 miles of the 5 miles I did today.  Oddly enough, I'm a little sore after it.  In fact, I was sore in my left leg after the first mile or so so maybe something else is going on because I'm never sore that fast.

One of today's highlights was seeing tiny buds on the Teddy-bear Cholla so they should be flowering in a few weeks or less.  That makes me happy.  Walking through the desert in bloom is awesome.  So many colors.

I picked up an Opteka .45x wide angle lens this week and did a couple hundred shots with it today.  I have to say that I'm not really impressed with it.  Too much fringing on the sides.  I'll stick with genuine Canon on all future lens additions.

BigfootOh, and best of all, I just about shit my shorts when I saw a bigfoot today.  As I was making my way down the Cat Peaks Pass trail, about 100 feet off to the left, there it was.  I swear, my heart stopped for a second.  Okay, it was not really a bigfoot, but rather one hell of an illusion caused by a large brownish barrel cactus, an angry looking Saguaro, some blowing tree branches, a bird taking flight and perfect lighting.  From the corner of my eye I saw something really big stand upright and my brain went into WTF mode.  This is amusing considering that I don't believe in bigfoot.  Maybe I've just seen too many Jack Link's Beef Jerky commercials.

It reminded me of a dream I had when Liz and I were visiting my family in Willits.  I dreamed that we were walking down Mendocino Avenue at night and there on the next corner was a bigfoot.  Liz wasn't too happy about this so in trying to protect her, I attempted to scare it away by running at it and growling loud.  Big mistake.  It started running toward me, red eyes glowing and also growling.  I woke up before it could eat me.  The valuable lesson I learned is that even when you're trying to save someone you love, you don't mess with bigfoot in your dreams.  From the news of the last two days, I can also surmise that you should also never give your pet bigfoot xanax and then invite the neighbors over either.

Anyway, on Monday I plan to go back to this same trail just because I saw a side trail that I'm guessing went to the top of Cat Peaks, which should have a great view.  I didn't do it today because I only had one hiking pole with me and it looked like a 2 pole trail to me.  Safety first.  I also want to check out the short Vista trail for the same reasons.  Great view.

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