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The Psychology of Hiking with a Disability

In my last post I mentioned how during my hike of the Pass Mountain Trail, many people passed me by, and when I finally did reach the summit, some of them were there and clapped and congratulated me on making it.  To be honest, it did make me uncomfortable but I also realize that it was my own personal issues causing it and was not the fault of any of those nice people.

I say it's my fault because I admit that I crave recognition but at the same time I hate excessive or false compliments.  If I do a good job, a simple "good job" will do, but as soon as the group hugs or parades start, I shy away.  I want to be remembered, but not continually adored.

Part of it also was my wondering why they were so happy that I made it.  Did they have doubts?  I had no doubts about it at all.

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