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Sometimes nature sucks

For the last week or so I've been planning to do the Pass Mountain Trail.  All said, with including access trails it would have been about 9 miles.  From official information, as well as other hikers who have done it, they suggest allowing 5 to 7 hours time, which for me translates to 7 to 9 hours since I'm a bit slower and the terrain is less than disability friendly.

When I left home at 6:30am it was a warm 60 degrees with maybe 5 mph winds.  Perfect!  When I finally arrived at the trail head, the winds coming down the mountain were up to 30 mph gusts.  Not perfect!  I could barely get the car door open.  I don't have a problem with walking in high winds, in fact I rather enjoy it, but not on a trail when I'm carrying a 22 pound pack on uneven terrain.  The wind would have added a couple hours to my total time which could have put me back in after sunset and I wont do that on a trail I have not been on before.

I've decided to postpone this particular trail till at least the next full moon.  I do plan to hike an equal distance on some easier trails this week just to keep the itch properly scratched.

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