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I'm a relatively new convert to the delights of yogurt.  Any remote thoughts I had of trying for the last decade was killed by someone from my past using it as a home remedy for vaginal yeast infections.  Not only does eating it provide relief, applying it liberally to the affected area appears to work too.  One woman's cure is another man's poison.  After that I usually ran past the yogurt display while shielding my eyes.

I finally decided to try it about a month ago maybe and I was surprised how good it was.  I've been eating maybe one little yogurt cup serving sized thingy of it every day and lately I have noticed that most of my stomach related issues have gone away.  Spicy and the very occasional greasy dishes mind their biological manners.

If you're squeamish, I offer you this humble Jedi mind trick * you remember nothing of what you just read *

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