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Phoenix Living with Disabilities Meetup Group

Having gone to my 3rd meetup group yesterday, I''m really happy I made the decision to join it.  It's been a good thing for me.

I have to admit that the first time I went I was a little nervous but this last one it was like meeting old friends.  We met up at the Coffee Plantation in Scottsdale and had our fill of food an conversation.  Last month I was the first new person in forever and this last one we gained another.

Michelle asked me to help her out with improving the website so I spent last night giving it a face lift, adding a logo, some poll questions and did a mass mailing to all the inactive members.  Since I'm pretty active on Facebook too, I also created a sister group there.

Meetup Page: Phoenix Living with Disabilities Meetup Group
FaceBook Group:  Phoenix Living with Disabilities Facebook Group

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