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I mentioned before that I used to have another online journal.  I deleted it because in it I shared parts of my life that I should never have shared.  I asked questions that I should never have asked and finally I got the ultimate answer that I already knew but never really wanted anyone to come outright and confirm it to me.  Oh well, that's beside the point.

I'll be honest with everyone, at the moment I am a walking anxiety attack.  I'm not depressed, I am just sad and completely fucking freaking out because all of the people I care about are leaving and dieing at a pace faster than I can emotionally keep up with.  Combine that with the stress of packing, moving, unpacking and being completely alone for the holidays, it has just not been a fun time.  Yes, there's more, there is a whole lot fucking more but it's to late to talk or do anything about it anyway.

As I said in my friend Bev's eulogy is still true.  Make it a point to go visit your friends and family and let them know how much you love them.  They could die tomorrow and it would be too late.  I missed that chance way too many times.

With that, I promise this will be my last post regarding my emotional state.  I really does no good to share.

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