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Programming IRCd and MUD puddles.

So just over a year ago I was bragging about new project I was working on.  The goal was to combine IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and MUD (Multi User Dungeon) with external TCL (Tool Command Language) bindings.  About 3/4 into coding it my dear friend Bev died and it pretty much knocked the wind out of me and I never completed it.  Many of the things I was putting in it were things I thought would leave her tickled pink. 

For the lack of any projects to work on, I have decided to get back to coding it.  The last time I touched the code I was using the 1.x version of Anjuta to manage everything but I am finding the current version (2.2.1) to be virtually useless.  Things don't work as expected and when they do it usually ends in a segfault.  I know that the breath of life for any open source project is for other people to help make it better by fixing and submitting patches, but I would kind of like to work on my own project for now, not somebody else's.

Any programmers out there willing to point out their favorite code editors for Linux?  Something preferably with full project management. 

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