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Long time no bloggie

Nothing much to say that I can say and then no way to say it anyway because my phone and DSL were out for 8 days.  It seems the morons at my apartment complex accidentally cut 300 phone lines it took days to fix.  Days later I found out that my line was not one of the involved lines.  After 5 days of going in to the office as well as calling every day, my phone still wasn't fixed and the staff was only giving monosyllabic answers to my inquires.  I finally called the corporate office and explained that my "seizure alert pendant" needs a phone line and I was not able to get help when I had a seizure the night before.  Seeing the litigation writing on the wall, 20 minutes later my phone was fixed.  Amazing what a little pressure will do.

To add to No-Internet induced boredom, my Dish Network also was down for a bit.  The apartment people told me to remove my dish so they could stucco the balcony so I moved the dish to the ground.  Then, before they could finish with the balcony, they sent a written demand that I remove it from the ground.  Each move costs about $100 and 5 hours of lost work.  Rather than pay again, I simply mounted the dish on a 2x8 board and sat it on the balcony ledge and then realigned it myself.  All of this could have been avoided by using a tripod but I can't use one because it would set the dish too far behind the wall which would block the signal.  My solution cost $8 and adds a certain redneck Je ne sais quoi.

In other news, a lot of stuff has been on my mind lately but I don't know how to talk about it yet.  I've been writing a letter for half a year now and have finally made it to the 2nd sentence.  Last night was a xanax night.

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