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These are just some of my memories.

  • During takeoff, observing the look of wonder and amazement spread across the face of a little girl who was taking her very first plane trip.
  • While sitting alone and naked on a hill out in the Sonoran desert, I watched a full moon set and the sun rise.
  • The first time I held my baby sister, Jen.
  • The awe of quietly watching the face of my best friend before, during and after her orgasm.
  • Crying after hearing my friend Jim died.
  • Kissing the ice-cream off of Laura's face.
  • My first orgasm.
  • Scratching the fluffy ears of a baby wild jack-rabbit miles out in the desert.
  • Standing atop Nevada Falls after hiking and climbing for 8 hours without stopping.
  • Finishing 14 hours later and then breaking my toe within minutes. 
  • Eating my first ice-cream float.
  • Waking up in a tent with a cute happy puppy nuzzled close.
  • The moment I put my faith in God, and then years later, the moment I lost faith in everything. 
  • When the first copy of my first program sold.
  • Fear when I realized I was unable to breathe. 
  • My first cinnamon-raisin bagel with creme cheese.
  • Laughing with Kari as we tried to get around a big horse-poopy mud puddle on a trail.
  • Driving 1100 miles just to spend 3 hours with a dear friend.
  • Watching 10 years of my life vanish in a day. 
  • Holding Jennifer Kratzer's waist on her front porch on a warm summer night.
  • Screaming as loud as I could "Is that all you got?" while hiking naked through the desert during an incredible monsoon storm.
  • Learning later that, no, it was not all.
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