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The other day I read a "How to…" article that was about how to stop yourself from starting a blog.  The premise of it was that most people really have nothing useful to say so why bother increasing the volume of the white noise.  That line of thought is a crock of shit.

A lot of my motivation for doing things for the last few years is so that I won't be forgotten.  I have no lust for attention but I have come to crave acknowledgement.  That's how it is with this journal.  I have nothing of earthly importance to say, I just want people to remember that I was a real person who always tried to do good.  I don't want to be forgotten when I'm gone.

The problem with words in general is that is nobody is really free to say what they want to say.  I can't say what I really want to say.  I want to but I can't.

I'm tired everyone, so incredibly tired and all that keeps me waking up anymore is the list of things I want to finish for everyone else so they won't forget about me.

I guess the ultimate question is to ask if I really matter?  Have I made a difference?  I have never felt this lost and abandoned before and I need to know.

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