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Customer Service

Having had a lot of problems with my DSL connection, I finally had an easy problem they could resolve over the phone.  My voice mail picked up on the 2nd ring and I wanted it increased to 5 rings.  The cheerful CSR was able to make the changes in a couple minutes.

A few days later someone claiming to be a rep calls with the usual customer satisfaction survey.  The conversation with the bubbly girl on the other end went something like this...

Girl: Hello Mr.  Stasinski, I am so from (my telco) and I understand that you called for assistance on Monday. 
Me: Yes, I did. 
Girl: That's great!  Would you mind telling me why you called?
Me: My voice mail answered at 2 rings and I wanted it increased to 5 rings. 
Girl: Were we able to help you solve this problem?
Me: Yes, it now rings 5 times instead of 2 times. 
Girl: Are you happy with the service you received from us?
Me: Yes, it now rings 5 times instead of 2 times.
Girl: Could you tell me why?
Me: Um, probably because it now rings 5 times instead of 2 times? 
Girl: (laughing) OH MY GOD YES!  Don't you just hate that?  Sometimes when I'm in the shower and the phone rings I barely have time to get out and wrap my towel around me before it stops.  Don't you hate that?
Me: Um, which part? 
Girl: Thank you.  Do you mind if I review your package to see if you are getting the best available service?

At that point I thanked her and told her I am confident that after this call my package is better than it has ever been.

I love new phone reps.  Sometimes they're like cute little kittens fumbling all over a waxed floor.

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