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The Truth.

Today I got another email that moved me to write what follows.

I think it was about nine years ago that I tuned into Ken Hambln's radio show and for the first two minutes heard nothing but the sound of *chomp* *chomp* *chomp* *chomp* *chomp* *chomp* *chomp* *burp* followed by him stating "That is the sound me, Ken Hamblin, eating crow."  The previous day he made what he believed to be a mistake and he made sure that its correction was as loud -- if not louder -- than the first original mistake.

In my post about the resort, I stated as a matter of fact that a some family members of the person I was speaking about were responsible for the gossip about and against me.  I now believe that to be incorrect.  I am not going to delete what I said, because that would be tantamount to revising history, but I will comment it out and will reference it to this post. 

None of what I said was a lie, none of it, but part of the first sentences is now quite obviously a mistake.  Today I received an email from one of them and after reading it, there is no way I can continue to believe that they were involved in harmful gossip.  People who write so eloquently and with such genuine compassion are not the type to gossip.  Add to that the primary source of all that I cited was the same person who is causing so much pain in the first place.  She put the blame on them and once again I fell for it hook, line and sinker.  To her extended family, I offer my sincere apology.

Also, to the mother of this person, who is also a victim in all this, I apologize if you saw this as an attack on you.  I don't know if you saw it as an attack or not, but if you did, please know it was not against you.  A mother wanting to protect her daughter is far more noble than a father who simple chooses to attack the victim(s).  To borrow from someone else's notable quote...  if you give up the truth to gain temporary peace, you end up with neither.  Love, but do not allow the lies to continue. 

I've been told to move on, put this all behind me.  Lord yes, I agree but it's not possible if the other person won't go away.

I am asking you, I am begging you, please keep her away from me.

Every single time I have moved on and for the most part forgotten her, she pops back in my life in one way or another.  I thought it would finally be over when I moved and then got all new phone numbers but now she tries to Instant Message me and she comes into the chat room that I run, quite literally begging me for my attention and my friendship.

I have forgiven her time and time again and each and every time she takes it to the next level of abuse.  This is affecting my life and my health.  I don't want it.  I  prefer to have a normal non-dramatic life.  Please do something.  Preferably something that holds her accountable for her actions, not me.

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