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Am I stupid?

What is it about me that makes people I am stupid and insensitive?

A week ago a co-worker took me aside after hearing me speak at a meeting and said "I've known you for a long time and until now I never realized how #!%@$ intelligent you are."  Even though the person is not in my department and his accolades will not help, it was sure nice to hear.

I'm a person who speaks my mind.  When in private, I will be downright blunt when someone asks for my opinion, but in a public setting, I am very aware of proper decorum.  It's the balancing of be honest -vs- be kind.

The thing I hate the most is when I do make blunt statements in private (because my expertise was sought), the usual response is "Don't you dare say that to [insert name here]."

Ok, blunt mode on!  When the have I ever done this to anyone?  When?  Name one time?

I know there are times when people accidentally put their foot in their mouth, everyone does that every once in a while, but I am not talking about that now.  What I am talking about is people automatically assuming that I would say or do something to intentionally harm another and it really pisses me off.

Listen up people...  I am not a blithering drooling moron!

I know when it's time to speak and I know when to hold my tongue.

Tonight even my mother did it.  I made a humorous statement on the phone to her and she made the exact same statement.  I asked her 4 times to not say that to me because I am not a inconsiderate moron and she still said it back to me 4 more times.

Why the hell do people do this?

I get so damn tired being treated like the bastard idiot that everyone wants to hide.

Next time someone says this to me, I'm going to seriously go off on them. 

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