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Goodbye Naked People

I have decided to not renew my membership to Shangri-La Ranch.

Blue Sun It's nothing against them, I love the place, but the enjoyment of going there was completely destroyed by an ex-friend and her family.  Yes, I know they probably think I am equally to blame for all that happened but the only fault of mine was in treating an adult like an adult rather than treating her like the 12 year old rebellious adolescent part that she plays so well.  I "signed-up" to be a friend, not a babysitter.  Anyway, a few mistaken and misspoken words by her family to others fucked up one of the only real pleasures in my life.

I have a whole lot more to say about that but I'll post it as a separate angry rant because it's way too long for my blog.  If you want to read the drama, you can find it here.

In support of naked people everywhere, I will keep my AANR membership active because I firmly support them.  Most likely I will never reap any of their benefits but I am sure they could use some money and I have some to spare.

Interestingly enough, I just received a free full year membership with the Southwest Naturist Network but I will probably not attend any of the functions or events.  I hate seeing nudity treated as an event, when it should just be a part of normal every day life for mom, dad, sister, brother, baby, grandma, grampa, friends and all the people walking down the road.

I do wish SWNN well and I really hope they shed themselves of some the assholes (and assholettes) who made me not like them when they were still called Canyon State Naturists.  According to the letter I got from them, they seem to be aware of the issues, which is why they extended the free membership to me.  Good for them.

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