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The sh*t heard around the world.

During my random news surfing I came across an article about Vice President Cheney accidentally shooting his lawyer friend.  Right next to the article were the results of a poll that declared that more than half of the participants believe that the White House attempted to cover this up.  Another poll said that most people don't believe that he was forthcoming enough.

Lets look at the facts.  Two buddies were hanging out playing what could basically be described as the ultimate game of Survivalist Marco Polo.  When the one with the gun yells his "Marco" and the one in the bushes doesn't reply with the obligatory "Polo", nobody should be surprised when lead poisoning ensues.

Only an idiot can come up with the idea of cover-up.  He is the Vice President of the whole United States of America, perhaps of even the whole planet when you consider the amount of foreign aid that we give, let alone the size of our arsenal.  Anyway, he accidentally shot a man and the local area press reported it.  This is not something that could ever be covered up.  It's not like in the past administration where a cover-up could be accomplished with a zip of the fly and a quick wipe with a handful of Kleenex.  A man was shot, people were notified and it was reported.  The system worked as advertised.

As for not being forthcoming?  What else is to be said about the matter that isn't already known?  Did they want to know whether he was wearing boxers and briefs?  Had they asked him we all know they would find some way to report that he was wearing pink frilly granny panties.

It comes down to is this...  The big city newspapers are pissed that a small town local paper got the scoop before they did.  I can't blame Cheney at all for going this route because if city paparazzi ever caught a photo of him taking a leak at a gas station, the New York newspapers would claim that he was "caught  touching himself in a public rest area."  He went to the people that would report it the most fairly and accurate and then left it up for the mainstream media to do their job and report it as scandalous evil conservative news.

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