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Ok, I'm thinking of of adopting a pair of rats.

When I tell people this, most ask "Why do you want rats?"  I would rather have a dog, but apartment life isn't fair to a dog.  Apartments are small and the last thing any dog wants is to be cooped up in a small space all day and be alone while I am at work.  The next logical choice would be a cat, since they don't mind the previously described scenarios, but I have bad asthmatic reactions to cat dander.

I had forgotten how cute, fun and intelligent rats were until I met my friend Liz, who has a beautiful hooded rat named Hazel.  I came close to adopting Hazel because Liz is having skin reactions, but we came to the conclusion it was a bad idea because they are bonded so close.  Properly socialized rats bond very strongly to their owners.

The reason for getting two rats is so that they have companionship when I am not around.  Rats do better in pairs.  Liz only has Hazel, but she spends a lot of time with him, much more than I would be able to.  With a pair, they wont get lonely while I am at work or sleeping.

So now I am in the process of researching rat information.  What kind to get, whether I should get two males or two females, proper cages, etc.

If you have any suggestions, please email me

As I learn more, I'll document it here.

At the present time, I am leaning more toward getting 2 male rats, and then having them neutered when their old enough to have said procedure.  From what I have read so far, male rats are more lap compatable than female rats.  Female rats are always on the go.

I've been searching online for an appropriate rat cage.  Since I will have two rats, I think a good multi-story cage would be better.  Petsmart has a nice 3 story cage that looks nice.  What I have to do now is figure out exactly where to put it.  This is complicated since my windows are to the east and my full length vaulted ceiling skylight is to the west.  This weekend i'll pay more attention to where the sun travels inside throughout the day and pick a good location.

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