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Days off

I took a couple days off from work this week.  I scheduled it off because Kari and I were supposed to go to the Disability Expo in Los Angeles but she bugged out a couple months ago.  I kept the days off just for relaxation time.

Today I installed some spiffy new stuff for my car navigation system.  A new Glisson satellite antenna that mounts on the roof.  With the internal antenna I can only pick up about 3 or 4 satellites and it takes a while to locate itself.  Now I can pick up 11 satellites and location is much faster.

I also got a new mount for it, which is like a desktop microphone stand with a really heavy base.  Before, I had to use the window mounting kit with a suction cup that would sometimes come off, usuall;y while on the road where it wasnt convenient to put it back on without pulling over.  The new one just sits on the dashboard and can be hidden under the seat with no problems.

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