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Kari called me a few days ago to apologize for doing the things that she did to me and she asked if we could be friends again.  I suggested that she also call other people she lied to and tell them the truth too.  To her credit, she did, and I am very proud of her.  Admitting to mistakes is always a good thing.

If she's reading this, I hope she knows that I forgive her.  I thought perhaps that starting over would be possible, but the more I thought about it, the more my stomach became tied in knots.  I don't think it would ever work.  I am able to forgive, but I can't just forget.  This whole matter broke my heart like nothing else.  The damage is already done.  The trust, laughter, fun and silliness of our friendship is gone.  I don't hate her anymore, but I don't love her anymore either and friendship can't exist without love.

I wish her the best for her future.

My stomach hurts.

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