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Grand CanyonThis was a week of many visitors.

My friend's Allan and Michelle + sons Alex and Kevin stayed with me for a week.  I had to work for a few days of that but they found things to do while I was away.  On Saturday we all headed off to the southern rim of the Grand Canyon where we spent most of the day.  The photo you see is one of about 300 that I took while there.  We also went to the Hall of Flame Musuem which highlights about 300 years of firefighting history.

The day they left, Liz and I made a fun day of lunch, photographing the flora and fauna in Freestone Park, watching movies and eating some fine home cooked cuisine.  We cook well together.

On friday my long time online friend Connie (aka Nettie) came for 4 days.  This was her first visit to a desert and she was awestruck by the palm trees, cactii, and lack of pedestrians.  We went to the Heard Museum on Saturday and then up to the Bare Buns Cafe at Shangri La Ranch for lunch on Sunday.

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