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A closed mouth gathers no foot.

An infant does with ease and style what adults try to avoid doing for the rest of their life.  Some are good at it, and some are quite bad at it.

footmouth.gifSome friends at work -- yes, I call some of them friends now -- told me that my problem is that I have faith in people to do the right thing.  They say I should expect the worst in everyone and that way I am not disappointed when they do bad things, yet I will be pleasantly surprised when they do something good.  Is this valid?  Can one live this way and be happy?  I've joked often that if life brings you lemons, sometimes you just have to shut the fuck up and eat the lemons.  I suppose this is really true.

Questions:  At what point does silence become counter-productive?  When does expressing a fear sound like a guilt trip?  Does expressing desire invite ridicule?  When I ask a question and I'm met with a smile and silence, does it mean no?

I have many questions and I have many things to say, but not sure how to state them, or even if I should state them.  Not good things, but not even bad things.  Just things.  Benign things, I hope.  Who do you go to?

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