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Go John

A fun but hard day.  This morning Saliane, John and I did the Go John trail inside the Cave Creek Recreation Area North of Phoenix.  I made it, but wow, I am out of shape.  I need to do less sunning and more walking at the resort.

My goal of losing 10 pounds is now my goal of losing 15.  Too many carbs in the last two weeks and not enough exercise.  This isn't a self-esteem, vanity or peer pressure thing, I just feel more comfortable at my ideal weight.  No more muffins in the morning.  No more Yoshi's or El Pollo Loco for a while.  Now it's meat, poultry and these funny green things called "vegetables."  My dear friend Denise's credo of green veggies are poopoo is indeed correct.

Anyway, here's the pictures from today's hike.  Sorry, none of me yet again.  Call me silly but I really don't like outdoor pictures of me with my clothes on, which IS a self-esteem thing.

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