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This has been a nice week.

Last week, various SaidSimple writers began a project on body awareness and acceptance.  It's called Honoring my Body.  The goal is to find all the good things about the individual parts of our body and then assemble them into acceptance of our whole body.  Everyone is invited to participate.

On Saturday I had lunch with Kari and my new friend Liz.  She's very nice, incredibly intelligent, equally conversational, and she just so happens to be exceptionally pretty too.    The amazing thing is that I had read some of her online writings before I even met her.  Small world.

Then on Sunday I went hiking with a friend from work.  I had fun even though she insisted that I had to wear clothes.  Here's some pictures from the hike..

Finally, today I did something I have never done before.  I drove home from work on the freeway.  I've never done until now since I have no sense of direction on the freeway.  But, a few days ago I bought a Magellan RoadMate 700 GPS Auto Navigation System.  I type in an address or pick one from the internal address book and it shows me how to get there and then speaks all coming directions of travel before I get to them.  It's awesome.

Yep, a great week indeed!

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