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This will probably be my last entry for a long while.

When I started my journal, it was a place where I could voice my hopes, accomplishments, disapointments and fears.  In effect, I made my life an open book, all with the hope that it would have a positive effect on others.  It has not had that effect.

While many have admitted to me that they have shared similar life experiences and cheer my courage (or stupidity) for making it public, the people I had intended to invoke a change in have remained silent, unchanged or even express more animosity toward me than they did before.  In short, nobody really gives a shit.  I'm not that important.

I have a lot of decisions to make regarding my future.  I have to find and fix whatever this thing is that makes me desirable in words, yet undesirable in person.  I appear to be on my own in this effort.  They tell me it is because nice guys always finish last.  I'm tired of people watching me lose the race.

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