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It has always been entertaining to have MCI as my phone carrier.

Well over a year ago, they turned my account off by accident.  The person who did it even put in my account notes that he accidentally turned it off.  Did he, um, accidently turn it back on?  Nope.  It then took me a month to get them to turn it back on.  When they did, they neglected to tell me that I had a new account number, something that is important when making payments.

For many months, I was still sending payments with the old account number and they were cheerfully applying the payments to a closed account.  Three months went by and they finally sent me a notice saying they were going to shut off the current account for lack of payment (on the new account that I didn't know I had).  When I called, the nice MCI lady said that it is not their policy to inform the customer if they were paying money to an account that does not exist.  Oh, I forgot to mention...  The whole time I had been paying, I was overpaying by $15 each month.

It took ONE YEAR for them to finally straighten out that mess.

Last January, they decided that I had not made a payment that I have proof I did make.  After trying for two days to correct it, I said screw it.

On November 22, I called to cancel my service.  Another nice lady said it would take about five days.  Nine days later it's still on.  I call again, she ponders a bit and then says it will be turned off the following day.  It's now December 8 and I still have service.  I'm assuming it's free.

Thank you MCI.

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