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A week ago I joined a local "clothing optional" resort, and yesteday, while there, I went on my first hike in 5 years.  The main trail there is a 1 mile loop around the desert property.  Plenty of cactus everywhere.  I did the loop 3 times, in alternating directions and did a little pool time too.  There are other trails that lead off from that one, and I plan to do those too.

My lesson from this experience is that I will never ever go hiking with clothes on again.  The common experience from all my hikes before was eventually ending up in sweat soaked clothes, rubbing against my skin, causing rashes and irritation.  This time around, after 6 hours of hiking in the hot sun, none of that happened.  When driving home, my body felt like I had just had the massage of my life.

The attitudes of the people there were refreshing too.  When I was younger, and still every now and then, people will stare at me because of my disability.  I was concered that people would notice even more if I was nude, but it didn't happen at all.  No stares, not even from children.  Everyone accepted everyone, regardless of body shape, color or condition.

I'll probably make this a weekly thing for a while, plus I'll be going on some of the day hikes with the local naturist group.

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