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Full frontal nudity.

Rumor has it that I'm a nudist.  Well no, I'm not.  The fact is, I just hate clothes.  Most times they are uncomfortable, and sometimes they are even painful.  I don't wear them at home, and if I had my choice I would never wear them again.  Clothes suck.

Contrary to the opinions of some, nudism is not pornography.  Pornography is intended to stimulate sexual response.  I've seen pornography, from light to absolutely disgusting and I don't care who you are, minister, monk or fry cook at a fast food joint, if you're male, you're going to get sexually excited.  For better or for worse that is how God designed our bodies to work, though I am positive He didn't intend for us to seek pornography instead of, or in addition to, a loving wife.

Plain nudity doesn't cause a sexual response.  While looking for hiking and camping activities in my area, I found that a lot of better programs are offered by nudist groups and many of the online sites had many pictures which included nude people.  You know what?  There was nothing erotic about it.  Nothing.  My only response was to smile at all the families out having a nice time without being constricted by uncomfortable clothes.  There were grandparents, parents, teens and babies all having a wonderful time together.  It was really nice.

Nudity is not sinful.  If you want to see sin, look at what people wear today.  Clothes now are based totally on vanity, rather than to serve their original utilitarian purposes like preserving body heat and providing pockets where to put stuff.  Most people today choose clothes specifically to make themselves appear to be what they aren't, more than what they are and/or to appear sexually provacative.  I notice how people compliment me how nice I LOOK when I dress "flashy", but then they don't compliment me on how nice I AM when I don't.  To me, that is sinful.  I am not my clothes, I am all that I am without them.

When talking it over with friends at work I heard a lot of statements like "I woulnd't want people looking at me naked".  It makes me sad because in all the women that I work with, none of them seem to have the slightest idea of how incredibly beautiful they are.  They really are.

Others say "Ewwww, I don't want to see ugly naked people," but that is pure vanity.  What else would you call it when you assume that YOU will be the one everyone is looking at, or that everyone else there is prettier or uglier than you?  The simple fact is that nobody really cares or will even think twice about what you look like.  You're nowhere near being the center of the universe.  My friend Annie once told me that her grade school teacher addressed her over-inflated ego by simply letting her know that not everyone thinks about her.  The same rule applies to all.

In the past I've told friends how I would go hiking on the weekends, out into the woods, by myself, with lunch, a book, and my string hammock.  As soon as I got to my special place, I would hike around a bit and then read for the rest of the day.  I didn't mention that most times I did it nude, and more often than not the book was my bible (New International Version and "The Living Bible")  Being nude was not supposed to bring me closer to God, but being able to read His word in comfort and without distraction was nice.

I miss those days, so what this all leads to is that I am actively looking for hiking and camping activities that permit me to be the way I prefer to be...  nude.  If they are Christian based, as I am, all the better.

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