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Mom was here.

Mom was here for 5 days last week and we had a great time.  Not only is she a good Mom, she is also a good friend.  It made me realize how much I miss having family nearby.

One of the things we did was take a 4-wheel drive trip out of Sedona, Arizona.  Man that was totally wild.  The driver showed us a picture of one unlucky group of people who's vehicle wasn't up to the challenge.  They flipped over on their back.  I bet the towing cost them thousands of dollars and as many embarrasments.  I wish I could post the video.  The company is Pink Jeep Tours if you want to take a look.  Next time she comes, we're going to go to the Grand Canyon.  I plan to go to Kartchner Caverns myself sometime soon.

One nice thing we did is talk about Tom, my step-Dad of 25+ years.  Despite our differences and most of a lifetime of uneasiness, he was there.  He didn't flee the country to avoid child support.  He never hit mom.  He wasn't an alcoholic.  He was there.  He's a proud grandfather too.  I wonder if he noticed that whenever I introduced him to others, I always introduced him as my Dad.  Now when I go home to visit, we get along much better and usually have a lot to talk about.  If only Pizza-To-Go would be open when I'm there.  It's our favorite.  Good stuff.

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