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Ray Krone and the Death Penalty

This is the straw that has finally broken the camels back.  All my life I have supported the death penalty, not as a deterrence to crime, but as the way to remove rabid human animals from society.  I always assumed that the evidence given in capital prosecutions was beyond refute.

What I have learned recently is that evidence is whatever the judge says it is.  Just as there are times when a judge will not allow the introduction of crucial evidence and an evil man will go free, judges can also refuse to allow the introduction of evidence that shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that an accused is innocent.

Ray Krone of Phoenix, Arizona was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death.  Even in a re-trial, the prosecution was able to get a conviction based how his teeth were similar to teeth marks on the victim.  Ray was convicted even though the rest of the evidence pointed to someone else.

After 11 years in prison, he is now free.  DNA testing has finally revealed the truth, and that is that all Ray Krone is guilty of is having bad teeth.

Until we can guarantee than no innocent man or woman is ever executed, we need to end capital punishment.

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