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Just call me Durango.

I had a great time this weekend.  Between Thursday and Friday I got to re-wire the phone lines in Laura's apartment.  I'm not sure if it was the phone company or the previous tenant, but 2 of the jacks had the wrong polarity, plus one was wired as line 1/line 2 while the other was wired as line 2/line 1.  When opposite ends of a single telephone extension cable were accidentally plugged into each jack, everything pretty much died.  That was fun to solve.

My attempt at installing the Verizon DSL modem didn't go as planned.  When they sold it to her, they made it sound pretty simple.  In theory, it should have been, it is a pre-configured plug-n-pray modem after all.  Not!  What they neglected to mention was that an Ethernet NIC was required, but not included.  The instructions were on this multi-panel fold out that that had to be flipped, twisted and turned in a whole bunch of different directions to read it.  Comp-USA had what we needed.  I installed it, and Laura configured it.  I'm proud of her because not too long ago she knew little about computers and now she can configure a network.  There is still a problem that neither of us can figure out so she's going to ask a friend to lend his expertise.

On Saturday we spent the morning at Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena.  Laura added a few new books to her collection and I added a new finger puppet cow to mine.  The label insists it's a goat, but to me it looks like a beatnik poet cow.

Later that night we had dinner at The Claim Jumper restaurant in Monrovia.  On the seating ticket they tell you what our western names are, so I got to be Durango and Laura was Railroad.  The food was fantastic, the service was incredible and the waitress was all smiles over the gratuity.  It made our day.

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