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I was ripped off.

I have to admit that I fell for the .name hype too.  A few months ago I transfered all my domains to GoDaddy Software, and while I was at it I put in a request for

The hype: You get a domain name and email address that can go with you everywhere, no matter what ISP you use.

The truth: Email is not included.  You have to pay extra for this.  A lot extra.  This fact was never mentioned anywhere.  For those of us who run our own hosting services, too bad.  We are not permitted to use our own mail servers.

The real surprise comes in if you ever have to change email or web hosting providers.  The .name people only accept changes every 2 weeks, and then take up to 2 more weeks to get the changes implemented, so be prepared to lose your email and website for at least a month.

I have a feeling I'll be reading about the Global Name Registry on some time in the future.

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