Dana's Writings

My Fantasy Love

In my Fantasy Love , my lover
will always want to be with me.
It won't matter that I'm slow and naturally blonde.
he'll love me for me.

He'll be understanding and patient.
He'll be tender and compassionate.
He'll hold me in his arms when I cry.

He'll sit with me and look at the stars in the sky
He'll be protective of me.  And  he'll always be there for me.
He'll brush my face with his lips, rest his hands on my hips.

He'll let me lean on his chest when we slow dance.
So I can listen to his heart patter and prance.
He'll win me stuffed toys  at the fair, and say he'll always care.
He'll send me flowers on my birthday, and say he loves me,
more and more each day.

He'll take me out almost every weekend, and say our love will never end.
And of course he'll be a christian man.
He'll always hold my hand, and stare intently into my eyes.
And say their as blue as the skies.

He'll make a good impression with my parents.
He'll send me special little notes full of meaning.

He'll call me food and pet names.
He'll be willing to tease and play games.

We'll  sing in perfect harmony, or try to anyway.
I'll love him even if we don't have much money.
He'll go with me to my CF clinic visits.  And if they put me
in the hospital, he'll make daily visits.

He'll hold my hand when they give me shots and take blood.
Even if I"m a clumsy girl, He'll say I'm His clumsy girl.
He'll stand with me on our wedding day, and we'll both live the ever lasting way.