Dana's Writings

Is It Wrong?

Is it wrong to have dreams and wishes, to want to hang onto childhood?  To not want to grow up to the age where dreams and wishes don't exist?  to the Age of not believing?

Is it wrong to not know about the latest movies and music, but to stick to the ones from your childhood that first inspired your dreams and wishes?  To fly like Peter Pan, to swim and sing like Ariel, to find and enchanted castle like Bell, or to magically go to and be the most beautiful girl at the ball like Cinderella?

Is it wrong to believe in magic and love?  To believe in fantasy and enchantments, to believe in fairies and wishing upon a star?  To believe in true love,and true loves kiss?

Is it wrong to believe in the things that give this world is color and vibrancy?  To believe that life is not dull, but worth living?  To believe in the little things that make it special?

Is it wrong?