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Getting Use to My Contacts and other News

Hey Everyone,

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging like I should.  Some stuff has been going on that I can't publish online and wouldn't know what to say about it anyway.  Some of you already know the details so I won't go into it on here.

I'm slowly getting use to the contacts they dry my eyes out really bad so I'm having to keep eye drops in my purse and add them often.  And I have trouble remembering not to rub my eyes cause when I do it nocks them out of place and somtimes out all together then I have to try to put them back in which is annoying lol.  Other then that I like them its so nice to be able to paint my own face when practicing my painting and not have to but nose to glass with the mirror to see what I 'm painting and having my brushes keep hitting the glass and messing up my designs. 

Bible Camp started this week so on the days I could I went up to the camp and taught swimming lessons to the kids and added an extra set of eyes to keep and eye on them as they played to make sure they were playing safely.  I also ate dinner at the camp they always have good food.  And I stayed for the chapel service to hear the speaker speak.  He was my college religions of the world professor and I always enjoy hearing him speak because he uses funny stories,props,and visuals.  He is a enthusiastic speaker and loves to laugh and smile its hard to be bored when he is speaking I wish he was my church's pastor or youth leader or some thing like that so I could hear him speak more often.

Camp will be for 2 more weeks then a week off for the 4th during which on that Wensday I'm going to Dolly Wood with my parents and a friend for 1 day and that is our vacation lol.  Then the following week is day camp week 1 but I'm going back to Marion, Indiana that week for the Fellowship of Christian Magician's conference to learn more face painting.  Then the week after that is the last week of camp. 

The Drama group did a skit Wensday night and I got to use my face painting abilities as part of the costumes which is very cool.  3 of the youth invovled I had to give them wite faces and dark grey shaddowing around their eyes so they looked kind of dead cause they were deamons.  And for Me and the other Angels I just put glitter around the eyes to make them stand out more and just be sparkly and pretty.  It skit turned out very well and the make up effects really added to the skit.  I hope we can do more stuff in the future that will alow me to use my face painting abilities more often.  Well that's all for today I guess I'll try to write again soon.

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