Star's Stellar Journal

Its Been A While

I'm sorry I've been so neglectful in my blogging, but I've had no inspiration lately.  It's all Berlin's fault always picking on me.  I do have a little something to write about today though.  I visited my Friend Megan yesterday to mee her twin baby boys for the first time.  They are adorable!  After I got over my nervs ( I"m not around babies much specialy new borns) I held them and even got to feed them a little bit.  They seemed to like my big boobs lol.

I was still nervous when I held them that I'd do something wrong but I guess everyone is like that when holding babies for the first time.  They have good aim at that age.....she would change their diapers on the couch where I was sitting with their heads toward me and their leggs toward her and as soon as she'd get the diaper off they'd take aim and fire trying to mark me as their territory she said lol.  I had a good time visiting with her!  I'm plainning to possibly see her tomorrow and help her out for a few hours.  She's also trying to hook me up on a date and having me meet her and her hubby and I think his brother at the walking track Saturday.  Duno how I feel about that I told her I'd give it a try ya know since trying on my own isn't doing any good.

And then next week my boss is going on vacation so I'm working the whole week on a 9 to 5 schedule to fill in for him.  I'm gona be sooo bored sitting in an office chair all day and no face book to entertain me!  At least I can access my netflix account at work and watch movies.  Plus I have my books on IPOD but still its gona be long days lol.

I went to my CF doctor on Tuesday they want me start some nasty saline stuff that is inhaled for 10 minutes 2 times a day I may have mentioned this in an earlier blogg but I never started the medicine cause I didn't want to, but they are making me now so we'll see how that goes.  And I also saw my Psychiatrist Tuesday and she said I was doing very well and that I had come along way since I started seeing her in November.  So things are looking better for me.  Still no full time job offer yet but I"m still looking and applying so keep me in mind!  Well that's all for today.  Talk to yall later.

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