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SaidSimple Logo

Since someone asked...

The original logo (which is not used anymore) was inspired by the story On Pencils and Paper by E.  Michelle Logan.  I finally met Liz about a few months later, as a friend of a friend, and only after that did I discover she was the one in the same.

The keyboard is one of the many extra keyboards I have from systems on my home network.  All purchased from Krex Computers, Inc..

The book is Rush Limbaugh's The Way Things Ought to Be.  Any book burning liberals out there will be happy to note that I accidently broke the books spine in my attempt to get the pages to lay flat.  I suppose I could have used clear tape, but too late.

The manuscript is the original draft of Laura Minges published essay "Disability Shame Speaks: I am alive and doing very well.".  I printed it out with a scripty looking font.

The pen is a nicely made wooden pen from work.  We apparently have tens of thousands of them and the boss shares them from time to time.

The photo is not a photo.  It is my original artwork.

All of the above was layed out on my apartment floor and photographed with a Cannon G3.  Using The Gimp photo editor, I desaturated the entire image, cut all of the image objects into various layers and then added natural positioned shadows to each layer.  The original color of the pen was returned and the mountain "photo" was inserted between the pen and the paper.

The whole project took about 2 hours.