Outside the Box

Four Months Gone

July 18, 2007, my household changed and would not be the same for almost four and a half months. 

We had learned early July that my mother-in-law's house was in foreclosure since April.  This was due to her only daughter hooking up with a controlling, drug addict jerk (while still married to her  husband of over 30 years) she met on the Internet.  She began stealing money from her 78 year old mother and not making house payments as she was entrusted.  The house was bought out before she could be tossed to the streets.  The rest of the family living with her scattered and we took her in. 

I've never lived in a more oppressive, uncomfortable place in my life and this was my own home.  I wanted her GONE and thank God, my husband, her son felt the same way.  Mother-in-law felt alienated by her family, in her eyes, I am sure she felt that she had been stuck with virtual strangers and felt more like a prisoner here then part of the family that I tried so desperately to make her feel part of, but it was pointless.  It only got worse rather then better.  She needed to be with her family in town, and OUT of my house. 

I contacted her granddaughter and the ball began rolling to move her back.  We dropped her off last Thursday and barely got a good-bye, not even a good riddence. 

I say....Good riddence. 

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