Outside the Box

Show Me True Faith

I've been a follower, a believer of Jesus Christ, for over 31 years.  I have believed that He, being God (the Son), came to earth, born of a virgin.  He lived a perfect, sinless life and as the plan was, because it was impossible to come to God without a perfect sacrifice, He, Jesus, became the ultimate, perfect sacrifice so that we would have access to God the Father..I put my faith and trust in Jesus' love for me, His death, burial, and resurrection.  I am not a perfect person by far, but being perfect is not what makes me a child of God, it's believing what He has done for us...This is what I've been taught and studied all these years. 

Why do I write this?  I don't really know except that in my journey the past four years to find the real meUndecided, (I am not doubing, but)...I am needing to truely examine my spiritual beliefs.  This is a hard thing to do in this spiritually diverse world. 

I was faced this past weekend with a loving challenge to these beliefs, by a friend whom shared the same beliefs that I did not too long ago.  She said there is nothing wrong in venturing out and exploring other avenues with an open mind.  I agree with that.  But...  I am having a really hard time opening the books she loaned me, especially after reading the blog of a friend of a friend.  This is what I call faith... 


I am blown away by the strength and courage of this young woman.  Would I face uncertainty with the same faith?  Make sure you read her blog!  (Especially today as she is in the middle of brain surgery now as I post this here)

My journey continues...may Heather's continue also, at least she knows who she is!Cool

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