Outside the Box

Bragging Rights

I think if I could get my thoughts together, untangle the mayhem, I may just be able to write something.  I didn't realize how hard it was until now to put feelings, rants and good stuff in an organized package and just post it.  Hopefully it will become easier as time goes by and I relax a little...Laughing 

Since this is MY blog, I can write all I want to about my Grandson, Jackson Robert, 14 months old, I will say, he is BRILLIANT!  Since he was a newborn we have watched and sang and danced with "Breakfast with Bear" on Disney channel.  Jackson can now do the whole Morning Mombo all by himself, from the deep breath, to stretch your arms up high, bend and touch your toes, "your legs and arms and head they make a mombolishous combo, just perfect for the morning mombo!  Mombo!"  I laughed and cried when I saw him do that!    I'm smitten and totally in love with that little boy!

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