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Catching up....

Well I realized it has been a little while since I wrote, so I thought I would do a catch up post.

There really isn't allot that is new that is going on with me.  The weather here has been warm and we are getting some very needed rain today.  I am so glad Winter is over with for awhile.  I love Spring and Summer.

Last Saturday I went to a party for my grandpa's sister's birthday.  I was able to see allot of people I have not seen in a long time.  My grandpa was there and he is really going downhill.  His alzheimers is getting worse.  He just looks like he isn't even with us anymore.  This has been really hard on the family.  My grandma does her best to take care of him but it gets harder and harder.  He ended up in the hospital for a couple days this week so they could run some tests.  They didn't really find anything any different but they told my grandma she is going to really have her hands full (like she hasn't already).  It upsets me to think they can't get any help for him, but yet Mike and I can have an aide every morning.  They said his insurance wouldn't pay for it because he "JUST has alzheimers".  I think that is nuts.

Not much else has went on this week.  I have had a pretty good week.

Take Care and God Bless,


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