Anonymous' Writings

My Chin

Looks like any other chin.

My own chin looks like any other chin,
but does every chin look like any other chin?
Probably not.
My hands and my chin are good friends.
They hang out together when I read or when I'm in deep thought.
I think they make a cute couple. 

All Those Hairs On My Chinny Chin Chin

I Grab My Chin When Deep In Thought When I Have Trouble Deciding.
I Hold My Head Up By Leaning On My Chin Where I Am Residing
When I Feel The Need Of  Retiring.
The Obvious Tall Tale Sin Of Ageing I Find & Try To Make Go Into Hiding
Are All Those Hairs On My Chinny Chin Chin
That I Try To Laugh Away With A Big Fat Grin
To Start A New Day All Over And Begin Again