Amber's Writings

Desert Journey

Here's one that doesn't rhyme that probably will make sense.
Just thoughts waiting for the sun to break free.

Waiting.  That's the game now.
But actively, with power tools
like a shiny new pair,
straps, and sarongs.

But I never knew I could ache so much.
It fills my whole being; mind, and soul,
and body.

Because I have a body that matters now.
Beautiful.  Powerful.  Enough.

It still amazes me.
I hope it always will.

This ache has a shape with sharp edges,
like a jigsaw puzzle piece cut out of my soul.

The shape of your face when I hold you;
when simple touch is all that's needed for your joy.

The shape of the stillness
of the trees in the woods;

Us on the brink of new knowledge,
working on different projects;
separate but connected nerds.

Learning the shape of my own self.
Seeing it make me smile.

The shape of the gems we carry;
power twins always united.

I don't know how we'll get through this waiting,
but I know we will.

Together walking through this desert
until we meet in the middle;

Until I make it home,
where all my colors and shapes
Will be real and vivid again,
and this horrible ache will be a distant nightmare
for both of us.

Thank you for making the colors and shapes real for me,
and giving me back my music;
and letting me know they are mine to keep,
to treasure forever while adding new ones.

While we wait always remember that the stars protect and hear us both.

Reach out for me,
for I am here,
and I will be home
before the clouds come back again.

July 17, 2009