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Well, it is my last day of being 31.  32 years ago tomorrow, I appeared on this earth two months early.  Now I'm wondering what the big hurry was.  I'm feeling a mix of emotions that seems to be my constant companion lately, a strange mix of resigned depression and hope.  Resigned almost depression because of my continued health issues, and hope because, well, I'm honestly not sure.  I just feel hopeful that things are going to turnaround really soon.  I went to physical therapy yesterday for the first time in three years, and though I felt like I did not do very well, the therapist said that I did great considering my lack of exercise for three years and that it should be patient with myself.

And now something in the great news category, for a change.  FOR MY BIRTHDAY, I'M GETTING A KINDLE!  My dad and stepmom decided to buy one for me.  I'm so happy, even though I have a tinge of a feeling that they did it to try to make up for all the crap I was put through in my earlier life by family members.  That kind of bothers me, along with the fact that they think that you have to get extra insurance because I'm disabled so I'm obviously going to be dropping it and run it over with my wheelchair in the first three days.  And don't forget the fact that because I'm disabled they were debating whether or not to mail it to my sister instead of me because "it's not registered and anything can happen."  Rolling my eyes.  But I don't care how or why they gave it to me, because I'M GETTING A KINDLE!  Now I feel better, because I was insanely jealous of Daniel for the first time in my entire life a couple weeks ago.  And I like to point out, whether it is exactly true or not, that he got his on my recommendation, so I should've gotten mine first.  Giggle.  But it doesn't matter, because I'M GETTING A KINDLE!

I'm literally bouncing off the walls.  To be able to read without barriers for the first time in many many years.  It will be quite possibly the greatest gift I have ever been given.  When I finally have it in my own hands, I will give you a list of books I have on it so far.  My dad is bringing to me on Monday.

So far I've been able to stock up using free books and gift certificates, but I will never be able to have enough gift certificates now to, no matter how small or large.  So that would be the perfect gift.  Anytime.  Also please tell me what you like to read and what your favorite books and authors are so that I can branch out my collection.  Everybody that reads this, please comment and give me suggestions.  That way, I'll have a little bit of all of you in my library.

Daniel, please hyperlink any mention of Kindle, and I would also suggest adding a Kindle bookstore link.  The link you have now just take you to regular and then you have to click through to the Kindle books.  I want a bookmark that takes me right to the books, but I want to be able to be sure that it is through your store.  Can you do that, please?

Full review of the Kindle is on the way after I get a chance to use it for a while.  Especially for Danielle.  I promise.  Danielle is my quietest biggest fan.  Waves.  Thank you for your positive energy and support.  As of right now, I think the only con will be for us with gimpy fingers that the on and off switch might be a little difficult to slide, but it's on the top now instead of on the back like in the first model.  Hurray!  Also another big plus.  They moved the turned wireless off and on feature from a slide button on the back to a menu feature on the front.  See, you can conserve battery life by turning off the wireless Internet access when you don't need it.  Daniel sets the text to speech feature is a little bit robotic in its voice, but they usually are, and at least text-to-speech exists now.  Danielle, I hope this helps you, and I really hope that you are able one of your own soon, either by saving up or by a gift.  Then we can have our own reading club!  Smile.  Hugs to you and Chandler.

And also to everyone else.  I move forward into my new year with wondrous trembling to see what is next.  Maybe the Great American novel, finally?  Or a love of my own?  Who knows?  But I promise you will all read about it here.

And just as a treat and in deference to Bea Arthur, whom the world will miss;

Nick, one more word out of you and I cut off your supply of Metamucil.  :-)

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