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Unexpected sunshine among all the gloom

The universe is a funny thing.  I have felt whiny all day today, second-guessing my decision, being invited to a sort of office Halloween party where I fell out of place, just second-guessing my decision to come here in general.  I miss almost everything about living in the area where I used to, but I have to remember that it's better than the nursing home here.

Anyway, two wonderful things happened.  I got a housewarming card from hot Toddy.  That was this morning.  Then, just now, when I was feeling particularly whiny again, I checked my e-mail and found one confirming that someone had used my little tip jar on here for the first time!  They are from New York.  I do not know them.  But they are probably listeners to the podcast where I have been mentioned several times.  And they care about me.  That feels good, for lack of a more descriptive words. 

Thank you very much, Jess and Marc from New York!  You have renewed my faith in the human race for today.  I was planning on pocketing most of my money for the first couple months to save for Christmas gifts.  But your particular amount of money will be spent on something fun for me, I promise, as that is what you wish.  I'm thinking I really need a new computer game or a massage.  :-).

Hey, speaking of computers, I have a question for anyone out there that can help.  The house where I now live is connected to Internet through the local cable company.  Rather than repay the company for my own connection, a wireless network was set up so that I can access the connection that already exists.  Yesterday, the first day, I was getting brilliant speeds.  Today I am not, if it even connects at all.  I changed nothing. 

Relevant information might be that I use a Linksys wireless router, because that was what was bought for me.  They have their own little software, and I'm not sure where in the software to change the access channel or release and renew the DNS or any of that stuff that I know you are supposed to try.  Does it help to try to move my little receiver thing?  I have it resting high at the ceiling level right now.  Yesterday speeds were at 56.0, this which I know is not brilliant to most people, but I'm used to dial up and DSL.  Today, if the thing connects at all, I'm at 11.0.  Does anyone have any ideas?  I'm using Windows XP, unfortunately.  Let me know if you need to know any more technical spec information.

Love and light to everyone, including me.  :-).

PS.  Maybe it just fluctuates with traffic?  Because now I'm at 36.0, just in time it took to type this entry.  Strange.

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