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You're the Inspiration...

So I get on the bus to go to my counselor appointment, and this lady turns to her friend and says, "oh, that's so sad.  She's so young.  Too young to be in a car accident." So I turns to her and reassure her that I was not in a car accident, that I was born like this.  She exclaims to her friend, "oh my word!  She can hear me!" Then she turns back to me and said, "you were born like that?  What a shame.  That's even worse."

At this point, I turn on my iPod full blast and listen to U2 sing about the mysterious ways that I work in, and then her lips are moving but there is no sound and it's funny, and then Chicago starts reminding me that I'm the inspiration, and I start laughing out loud, solidifying her belief that I'm mentally challenged.

Still giggling.

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