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The best surprise ever

I wrote a blog a few days ago that I have not published because I got tired of reading and writing about how hard it is to live my life lately.  So I was just going to ride the latest round of negativity or whatever until something good happened.  Well, now it has.

When I go to camp this summer, next month actually, my friend Joanne will not have to spend any money, or very little, out of her own pocket.  Initially, I sent out an e-mail asking people to donate.  My favorite teacher from middle school donated $50, and then I got word that my dad's brother and his wife decided to donate the entire cost of the actual camp.  Saying that they've never got to do anything like that for me before, and they wanted to.  Maybe partially to ease their guilty conscience about being so disconnected otherwise, but whatever.  Far be it from me to look such a gift horse in the mouth. 

But I wasn't sure how I was going to be able to help Joanne with the airfare and taxi from the airport and back and still have money for the gift shop or whatever.  Now, that is solved too.

I don't usually promote other websites etc.  in this blog, but I have to make an exception this time.  In this previous blog, I told you about my friend Hot Toddy and how I met him and how I was excited about the prospect of running into him again.  I have run into him a few times, but not very often yet.  But he received my e-mail asking for help and decided to try something. 

He now has a weekly podcast called The Todd and Pony Show, cohosted by his friend known as Pony.  The contents is not usually life-changing, but it's fun, kind of a combination of the contents of their print blogs.  (Click on their names to go to those blogs.) They and their listeners raised $275 for my trip!  I don't even know them really well yet, and I definitely don't know any of the other listeners, but they cared enough to help.  There was even a donation from someone in Long Island New York!  I feel really blessed.  Today I have been very under the weather, so a pity party was always looming.  But now I'm reminded that I matter to people even when I'm not sure that's true.  If you go to the podcast site and listen to the number 38 show, Todd reads my Phoenix rising piece aloud near the end of the show.  Complete with slightly cheesy piano music in the background.  Laughing softly.

Disclaimer/warning: Todd and Pony are gay.  Not my kind of new to it open to same gender relationships queer.  We're talking dyed in the wool, card-carrying, Judy Garland loving, Cher impersonating gay.  Well, actually I'm not sure about whether they themselves love Judy Garland or have ever impersonated Cher, but you know what I mean.  And I do know that Todd wants a new Donny Osmond album.  Evil grin.  So gay. 

But anyway, even though that is not often the focus of their shows, if that bothers you, just don't listen.  Also because of language and the broad range of topics, if radio had a ratings system like TV, it would definitely be radio MA, mature audiences please.

Thank you so much you guys.  For once in my life I am almost speechless.  I still think my idea of an advice column corner of the show is a good one.  Have your people call my people and we will do business.  Notice the spelling.  Laughing.  We will definitely do the exchange over a drink somewhere.

In other good news, my best friend got his wheelchair back.

I just went on a calendar and noticed that my camp trip in June will cause me to miss most of Pride this year, which is kind of ironic and sad, but I'm still looking forward to the vacation.

And now I'm going to take a pain pill and go back to bed.

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