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Joy to the world!


My roommate's gone, and my broadband is on!

Back among the land of the blogging I am.  I have been sick to my stomach because of some medication or other, so my energy level is pretty low right now.  And my laptop touchpad no longer works properly, so I am using a trackball externally.  Wisdom of the day: puking on top of brand-new laptop is not advised.  I tell you, if it's going to happen, it's going to happen to me.  Then, this morning was spent with Verizon DSL customer service, trying to figure out why I couldn't connect even though everything was green.  Turns out AOL had hijacked my hosts file and my DNS cache.  Four hours later, I am finally online, with eternal gratitude, as always, to Joe.

But the part I want to tell you about the most is Wednesday, my most completely awesome day in forever.  I got to hang out with Jak, a really awesome and beautiful chick from the Egyptian, where I do my karaoke.  She did not stand me up, which makes her unique among that crowd.  We met at a Starbucks downtown, and she brought her guitar, but she didn't play it because it was raining.  So we just talked and laughed.  She had to leave shortly for her job, but I'm sure we will get together soon again.

After she left, my new friend Nick arrived there to meet me, and we headed to a vegan sandwich shop where they have really good food.  I am not vegan, but I'm always open to trying new things.  I had their Mediterranean sandwich..  I met Nick watching the l word episodes at the Egyptian.  We fell into a fast and easy rapport and have basically not stopped talking or communicating since then.  It's really really nice to have that kind of friendship.

After we ate, he went with me downtown to the sexual minorities youth resource center, where I applied to volunteer.  I love working with young people.  But they just had a volunteer training like three weeks ago, and the next one is not for a couple of months, and you can not volunteer there until you have completed a training, for the safety of the young people.  So I will be waiting a little while, which is frustrating.

Then, we went for pizza and talked for more hours, while we waited to meet up with another of Nick's friends, to check out this place called the Betty Ford lounge, which was awesome.  They had a ramp onto the dance floor, and a sweet 80s dance mix.  I was supposed to leave at 12:30 am to catch a bus, but ended up staying until closing, dancing almost the whole time.  The only bad part about that was that I forgot to bring my safe cabdriver's cell phone number, so I ended with a weird one who pretended like he didn't know how to find my address, ran me around the freeway, and charged me $40 for a $20 ride.

But all told, it was my best day in a long time..


Slept through church today, because I still feel nauseated.  We are figuring out that it is something to do with my inner ear, probably not my medication.  Tonight I will go back to the Egyptian to sing some karaoke.  I am meeting Nick.

He came over on Friday night to to say hello and ended up staying for awhile and we did karaoke here.  It was one of the nurses last day, so she brought her karaoke machine for all interested people.  We had a blast but I never want to hear "me and Bobby McGee" again.

Max showed up last night for awhile to play cards.

And today, I have just been further training my Dragon NaturallySpeaking and writing this.

So now you all are caught up.

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